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Great to be part of the development of the cracking exhibition by Dave Sinclair ‘The Thatcher Years – my 80’s’ which had a lot of people chatting, reflecting and thoughtful, whilst also planning for tomorrows.

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Lots of people who were involved in politics in the 80’s and again now against the cuts, sipping ‘The milk snatcher’ rum cocktails (thanks Richmix)

It was also the day of elections in some part of the country, and timed nicely to celebrate 30 years of the election of the Liverpool 47, a socialist council who fought Thatchers government and won huge concessions properly representing the community who elected them.


In the same room were a family who have led a public campaign against their homelessness and for housing for all. An excellent film of that campaign was shown that begins to the table the consequences of the cuts and class war that is being waged upon us.

We had a film about tax avoidance, also put into perspective the fact that there is more than enough money to be distributed. Funny, but just not.

Followed by a discussion from different campaigns going on & what could be done from ‘Sick of your Boss‘, ‘TUSC‘, ‘NSSN‘ &  The Counihan-Sanchez family.


Enjoyed the sharp wit of Flood theatre, questioning, considered and challenging in a slightly surreal manner! Plus a very ego driven Mayor that brought tears to our eyes!

The start of some good conversations, possible working together to fight against cuts and FOR a re-distribution of wealth! Change is gonna come..



Thanks to Richmix for giving us the space & staff who worked hard to support us. Big thanks to all those who performed, help organise attend & take part in the events of this evening and campaigns for our future.


Opening on the 2nd of May , is the Thatcher Years – my 80’s  by Dave Sinclair, a photographic exhibition which represents some of the fightback against the Thatcher cuts in the 80’s. We are proud to have the infamous Bob Crow (RMT),  Rob Williams (NSSN & his banner), Suzanne Muna (Unite Housing Workers) &  a Liverpool 47 councillor,  speaking on the opening night on the the 80’s fight against Thatcher & today.

There will also be an opportunity for you to record your thoughts, reflect on exhibition and events significance to you through Mouth – to – Mouth. This will involve video diary making using fake moustaches! Run by Claire Macneill, a participatory artist & filmmaker.

From 8pm, we will move into the main Richmix  space, where we have  a film, discussion & comedy with an anti austerity theme. We start with Have I got Tax for you!’ a comedy written and presented by stand up  Andrea Gordon. After the screening we will then have a Q&A around that with invited guests including the RMT & ‘Sick of Your boss’ campaign. This screening coincides with UKuncut  High Court case against the  HMRC over a deal that has allowed banking giant Goldman Sacks off at least £10 million interest.

Later in the evening  you can sit back (& try to) relax with Flood Theatre  a dark, satirical comedy company. “Like a politicized League of gentlemen” (ThreeWeeks). Then chuckle with/at the Anti-Duhring Battalion(Left Front),  “any attempt to drag Nick Draper off a stage like that is futile. Draper is in his element & boy does he know it!” (Comments from a recent gig)

Door Charge: £7/£4 concessions from 8-11pm costs Book tickets via Richmix, London. 

There will be another day long of events programmed as part of this festival on Sunday 12th May including our film –  full  details on our events page.