Our documentary is a small contribution to opening up a huge story, please see other resources which go into the Liverpool 47 campaign in more detail:

Book – ‘Liverpool a city that dared to fight by Peter Taaffe and Tony Mulhearn 1988

Video – Socialism on Trial made in the 80’s

Website – ‘Socialism on Trial’ Lists the achievements, timeline, key events & people.

Also launched in Liverpool, there was an anniversary meeting & exhibition organised by one of 100 apprentices from the 80’s, now Unite convenor at the city council, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the election of the 47 on 27th April. That exhibition will be open to the public in Jack Jones House, Unite, Liverpool in May 2013. This exhibition can be taken around events and conferences contact –

There is also an archive of material held by Liverpool Central libraries that can be accessed by contacting them directly.

Further information on campaigns against cuts now:

False Economy


National Shop Stewards Network

Trade Unions & Socialist Coalition 

Unite Housing Workers & Unite Community 




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