Whilst looking at programming around Dave’s exhibition the ‘Thatcher Years‘, I have been keen to get events and ways for those coming to the Richmix to be involved. So far we have our ‘Radicals of the East End‘ Walk, ScriptReadEast themed around the ‘Thatcher Years’, my Union branch workshop on alternatives to the Housing Crisis and of course our film, ‘Don’t mention the 47. 

At Sophies’ last ScriptReadEast event I met with (Echo Projects) Claire MacNeill, and she was interested in what we were doing and working with with us in some way. I am really pleased that she has agreed to run 2 workshops with us. One on the 2nd of May, at the opening and the second on the 12th of May. Here is a little more about Claire & her work: 

(Echo Projects) Claire MacNeill –  a participatory artist and film maker Claire is interested in designing workshops that provoke thought and inspire audience-participants to represent their own ideas and responses. Claire will be facilitating two activities:

 1) A mixed media extravaganza on Sunday 12th of May: Get involved with creating a mini world as a microcosm of causes and voices and play with plasticine!! Suitable for all ages, particularly eternal children!

 2) Mouth-to-mouth on Thursday 2nd of May – record your critiques and reflect on this events’ significance to you. This activity will involve video diary making using fake moustaches and word association games. (This will then be shown on the 12th of May).

Both workshops are FREE. 




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