Don’t mention the 47 is a documentary that re-opens a crucial chapter in British history. In the years between 1983 and 1987 a group of 47 elected Labour councilors refused to transfer the cuts implemented by Margaret Thatcher’s  government onto the Liverpool community they represented. Instead they built 5000 houses, created thousands of jobs and set up many vital public services. How was that possible and why did they end up being surcharged and expelled from from thier roles?

Through a series of interviews with some of the councillors, a housing worker, photographer and militant activist,  some of those who were closely involved, it begins to assemble an inspiring example of solidarity and resistance.

Informative, passionate & humorous & it inspires me with hope”.  Audience member at one of the work in progress screenings in Liverpool.

“Shows how close Liverpool came to toppling the government” Audience member at Richmix Screening 12th May 2013

NEXT SCREENING – Thursday 27th June – Hackney Halkevi Centre, 31 Dalstan Lane E8 at 7pm. For More information contact Brian Debus (briandebus.hackney@gmail.com)

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